Fashion & Apparel POS

retailcloud’s Fashion & Apparel POS is an all-in-one retail software solution that integrates your entire fashion retail business from POS operations to accounting and inventory management. Our system helps to increase revenue and reduce operating costs for your fashion retail business.

Top Features

POS Software specially designed for fashion & apparel stores
icon representing inventory management feature
Tools to ensure stock in what your customers need, with cost and margin analytics.
icon representing easy touchless checkout
Easy Touchless
Intuitive checkout supports the latest technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay and EMV.
icon representing customer preference analysis
Customer Preference Analysis
Allows for ease of selection, best product mix, increase sales and improve brand delivery.
icon representing online & social commerce
Online & Social Commerce
Offer unified commerce to reach customers how and when they want to shop.
icon representing loyalty programs
Reward frequent visits and top sales with incentives to keep coming back.
icon representing predictive reordering
Allow the POS to guide you on product orders based on quantity on Hand and sales flow to maximum your investment dollars.
icon representing size and attribute matrix
Size and Attribute
Streamline adding new product into the system with the size and attribute matrix.
icon representing measure customer sentiment
Measure Customer Sentiment
Customer rate their shopping experience, providing valuable feedback for improvement.
icon representing product locator feature
Product Locator
Sales associates arms with the Product Locator on their mobile phone to make sure customer find exactly what they need.

Sales Management

We make it so you can price your products in the quantities and packages that your customers need and want.
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illustration of happy customers coming out of fashion apparel store with purchased items
icon representing suggestive selling feature
Suggestive Selling
Increase units per transaction
with suggestive selling available
to the cashier as they ring up
the sale.
icon representing multiple tax rates
Multiple Tax Rates
Our POS allows for
multiple tax rates including
tax above a certain sale amount
by category.
icon representing promotions and discounts feature
Promotions & Discounts
Offer discounts to bring in additional customers as well as generate promotional campaigns to your existing customers.
icon representing loyalty program
Loyalty Programs
Our integrated loyalty
program allows you to reward
your customers and encourage
their return visits.
illustration of omni channel features

Omni Channel

Allow your customers to shop for your merchandise in multiple ways, from online shopping to brick and mortar walk-ins, to street festivals. Inventory and sales are tracked and you are available to your customers where and when they need you.
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icon representing ecommerce integration
Integrate your online sales easily and give your shoppers the best experience in-store and online.
icon representing multiple device management
Multiple Device Management
Engage with the customer with a tablet and complete the sale on a Windows or line buster mobile.
icon representing handheld inventory hardware
Handheld Inventory Hardware
Receiving inventory from Purchase Orders and have variance and backorder reporting.
icon representing product management feature
Manage single catalog across online & offline channels. Choose which products to sell online in a click.

Inventory Management

No matter how vast your inventory, retailcloud’s automated inventory management tools will save you hours, grow your margins, and avoid costly human errors.
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illustration of employee performing inventory management activities inside a ware house
icon representing multi store inventory tracking feature
Multi Store
Inventory Tracking
Track unit costs, inventory
level and SKUs across multiple locations.
icon representing size and attribute brick
Size &
Attribute Brick
Create product variations such as price and color for quick matrix adding of new items.
icon representing purchase order management
Purchase Order Management
Receive inventory from purchase orders and have variance and backorder reporting.
icon representing inventory adjustments
Receiving, transfers and adjustments for multiple stores including ecommerce sites.

Reporting Analytics

You have the inventory, sales, financial, customer reports with actionable analytics to understand your past trends and anticipate your future trends.
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illustration of employee analysing analytics reports
icon representing transparency into data
into Data
You have access to a full
range of data with relevant
filters to understand and act
on your data.
icon representing inventory reporting
Manage your inventory so
that you are always stocked
with merchandise to keep your customers coming back.
icon representing customer preference reporting
Preference Reporting
Understanding your customers is key to providing them with the experience and merchandise they are looking for.
icon representing sales person tracking
Use salesperson tracking
to pay the sales commission
or to acknowledge your top salesperson.
illustration of employee analysing customer profiles and customer data

Customer Relationship Management

Knowing your customers is key to success and we have the tools to ensure you understand your customers and their preferences.
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icon representing clienteling
Engage customers with your products, images and suggested items all easily within reach.
icon representing vip or club pricing
VIP/Club Pricing
Create special pricing
and experience for your
VIP customers.
icon representing digital receipts
Digital Receipts
Provide your customers
with the option of digital
icon representing purchase history
Purchase History
Access to customer
preferences to really target
their interest.

Catalog Management

Manage all your products in a very effective manner. No matter how many products you sell. Set up your inventory quickly by importing thousands of SKUs in bulk and use items with variants to easily manage products with many different versions.
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illustration of employee managing catalog
icon representing layaway and store credit
Layaway &
Store Credit
Increase sales by offering easy to pay options such as layaway and store credits.
icon representing track product serial number feature
Track Product
Serial Number
Tracking serial number
merchandise from receiving
through sales.
icon representing label printing
Integrated barcode printing
to get your merchandise on
the floor quickly.
icon representing quantity by store or venue
Quantity by
Store or Venue
Knowing where your product is, help ensure that you have it available for your customers to purchase.

Hardware & Peripherals

icon representing Receipt Printer
Receipt Printer
Leave your mark with a selection of reliable receipt printers, label printers, kitchen printers, and more.
icon representing Label Printer
Label Printer
Easily create barcode labels for
your products when they arrive in your store or on demand.
icon representing Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Add items to transactions
faster with our versatile barcode scanners and charging docks.
icon representing Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer
Keep your bills and coins safe with our range of space-efficient drawers that ring with every sale.
icon representing Weigh Scale
Weigh Scale
Make fast and accurate sales on weighed items. Calculate product weight during checkout with the electronic scale integration.
icon representing ID Scanner
ID Scanner
Quickly and reliably determine a customer eligibility by scanning AAMVA-compliant driver licenses.
icon representing Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Swipe each transaction securely with our selection of Ethernet, Bluetooth, connected readers.
icon representing Customer Display
Customer Display
Use a second monitor or tablet
to have a customer see the sale
as it happens.

Pricing Plans

A920 & E600
$ 299
per Year per POS
TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 99
per Month per POS
WinsPOS, TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 149
per Month per POS

Available on Google Play, Paxstore, Eloview

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