Fast Casual POS

Agile, reliable and flexible POS software specially designed to manage Fast Casual Restaurant operations. retailcloud’s Fast Casual POS system is a powerful, user-friendly tool and the best asset to ensure outstanding customer service.

Top Features

Exclusively designed for your restaurant business needs
illustration of kitchen display system
KDS Integration
Manage kitchen orders with Integrated Kitchen Display System for a speedy service.
icon representing secured payments
Secure Payments
Our systems securely accept payment types including EMV chip cards and contactless payments.
icon representing detailed modifiers
Detailed Modifiers
Pamper customers with the ability to order menu items just the way they like them.
icon representing tip feature
Tip Enabled
Printed report of tips from the tablet as well as tip adjustments can be enabled.
icon representing menu
Easy Access to Menu
Easily organize menu items and modifiers with an intuitive user interface.
icon representing CRM Integration
CRM Integration
Engage with customers by sending them regular updates about your restaurant offers and events via emails.
icon representing central kitchen management
Central Kitchen Management
Manage the stock requirements of multiple outlets and generate Purchase Orders as per the need.
icon representing reports and analytics
& Analytics
Access real-time reports of your restaurant business and make data-driven judgement for your business.
icon representing inventory management
Monitor stock and usage to reduce waste and always have the right ingredients on hand.

Menu Management

Configure ingredients and sub-recipes, build recipes in minutes, tweak quantities and instantly see the effect of ingredients on the cost of your menu items; stay on top of your profitability.
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illustration of employee customizing menu
icon representing combo packs
Design Combo Packs
Design various combo packs with different items based on customer buying patterns.
icon representing custom menu
Custom Menu
Add images of menu items with descriptions for easy access from the POS display.
icon representing modifiers
Easy Modifiers
Modify orders easily. Choose add-ons to dishes or how they're prepared in one click.
icon representing recipes management
Manage Recipes
Deliver consistent taste that foodies enjoy by controlling the recipes.
illustration of transaction using pos system

Transaction Management

Enhance the overall transaction management process and ensure that the transaction-related operations of your business are functioning in the way they intend it to, and in a way that will facilitate sales.
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icon representing till management
Till Management
Always know cash in till with email alerts to tell management when to pick up cash.
icon representing customer facing display
Customer Facing Display
Customers can see orders as items are added, as well as have an interactive display where they can add items.
icon representing tip management
Tip Management
Printed report of tips from the tablet as well as tip adjustments can be enabled.
icon representing split bills
Split Bills
Split the tab as needed (evenly between guests or as needed, using multiple tenders).

Customer Engagement

Build a comprehensive customer database with customer insights including contact information, order history, preferences, and more. Empower your order-taking staff, and revolutionize the quality of your customer engagement.
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illustration of employee viewing customer profile and customer engagement data
icon representing advertising area
Advertising Area
Reach out to customers that have not been in for a while to get them thinking of you again.
icon representing recommendation and upsells
Recommend & Upsell
Encourage repeat visits with our integrated loyalty programs and customized gift cards.
icon representing feedback
Get feedback from your customer and improve the sales efficiency.
icon representing customer segments
Customer Segments
Create customer groups and apply special pricing, regular discounts or targeted promotions.
illustration of business employee conducting promotional programs

Promotions Management

Loyal customers are your bread and butter. Keep them coming back time and time again with rewards, incentives, and promotions.
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icon representing loyalty rewards
Loyalty Rewards
Reward your loyal customers with visit based points with loyalty programs.
icon representing quantity based discount
Quantity Based Discount
Ring up menu items and pricing will automatically convert into discount.
icon representing combo promotions
Combo Promotions
Create Combo promotions to automatically combine and ring up discounts based on individual items.
icon representing secial coupons
Special Coupons
Boost your restaurant sales by creating special coupons for customer groups.

Employee Management

Track work hours of employees with the clock-in/out feature. Set overtime rules for more accurate wage estimation and track performance with tips and sales per employee. Make adjustments on the fly when mistakes occur.
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illustration of business owners analysing employee profile and data
icon representing time and attendance
Time & Attendance
Easily track staff hours. Employees can clock in/out from the POS with supervisor overrides.
icon representing permission and approvals
Permissions & Approvals
Manage register access for different functions such as discounts, cash drawer, reports with granular controls.
icon representing employee roles
Employee Roles
Get complete flexibility with managing your employees with permission overrides.
icon representing pin and password
PIN & Password
Secure access using employee specific PIN code, which tracks the register activity.

Hardware & Peripherals

icon representing Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System
Get orders to the kitchen automatically, faster and with less errors. Less paper, less mess.
icon representing Customer Display System
Customer Display System
Display order information to your customers on a separate digital display simultaneously with the sale process.
icon representing Receipt Printer
Receipt Printer
Leave your mark with a selection of reliable receipt printers, label printers and more.
icon representing Kitchen Printer
Kitchen Printer
Use kitchen printers at restaurants to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order.
icon representing Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer
Keep your bills and coins safe with our range of space-efficient drawers that ring with every sale.
icon representing Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Swipe each transaction securely with our selection of Ethernet, Bluetooth, connected readers.

Pricing Plans

A920 & E600
$ 299
per Year per POS
TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 99
per Month per POS
WinsPOS, TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 149
per Month per POS

Available on Google Play, Paxstore, Eloview

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