Pet Store POS

retailcloud offers a perfect software solution for all your pet store needs. From highly intuitive POS systems to complete all-in-one retail software solutions, our Pet Store POS can help you manage, accurately and easily, your whole pet-shop business: from head office, to store, to POS, to accounting and stock management.

Top Features

Quick Highlight on the key features of Pet Store POS
icon representing Decimal Sales
Decimal Sales
Manage bulk sales and allow your customers to purchase for decimal quantities.
icon representing  Prepaid or Layaway
Layaway programs are a good way to keep customers, drive store traffic and foster consumer loyalty.
icon representing Custom Label Printing
Custom Label Printing
Generate labels, directly from receiving to quickly get the new products on the floor & available.
icon representing Promotional BOGO
Promotional BOGO
Create BOGO offers and generate promotional campaigns to your existing customers.
icon representing Clienteling
Deliver highly personalized service that makes your customers feel deeply valued, and get more sales.
icon representing Handheld for Inventory
Handheld for Inventory
Simplify the daunting task of inventory management with the use of handheld devices.
icon representing Mix & Match Pricing
Mix & Match Pricing
Dynamically customize your product pricing within seconds to accommodate coupons, sales & discounts.
icon representing Returns & Exchanges
Returns & Exchanges
Run an exchange and automatically refund the difference on the customer’s card.
icon representing Vendor Catalog
Vendor Catalog
Support catalog files from
vendors for price update and quickly add new products to your database.

Inventory Management

From pet food to toys and treats, manage your inventory in real-time across multiple locations. Our inventory management solution makes keeping track of a diverse inventory easy.
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illustration of employee performing inventory management activities inside a ware house
icon representing stock by variant
Stock By Variant
Create multiple variants of your products based on size, color, material and more.
icon representing purchase orders management
Purchase Orders
Receive inventory from purchase orders and have variance and backorder reporting.
icon representing inventory replenishment
The automated replenishment system ensures that your store will never lack key supplies.
icon representing product bundles
Product Bundles
Generate composite product bundles and use it to create combo deals.
illustration of transaction using pos system

Transaction Management

Ensure that the transaction-related operations of your pet store business are functioning in the way they intend it to, and in a way that will facilitate sales.
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icon representing multiple sku items
Multiple SKU Items
POS display of like items (single, 6 pk, case) for easy check out and thorough inventory counts.
icon representing multiple tenders
Multiple Tenders
Accept credit, debit, and gift cards as well as NFC and mobile payments.
icon representing bottle deposit
Bottle Deposit
Set Up a flat fee or percentage based fee for different fee types with custom descriptions.
icon representing multiple tax calculation
Multiple Tax Calculation
Apply sales tax variations on an item level to ensure that you are collecting & reporting tax.

Customer Management

Capture customer information at the point of sale. Understand how often your customers visit your business, how much they spend, what they purchased during their last visit and their preferences.
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illustration of business owners analysing customer profiles and customer data
icon representing loyalty rewards
Loyalty Rewards
Run a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program and win their repeat business.
icon representing integrated gift cards
Integrated Gift Cards
Grow sales and and gain new customers with our physical and gift card solutions.
icon representing purchase history
Purchase History
Know your customers better with a complete purchase history linked to their profile.
icon representing campaigns
Engage customers by sending announcements, sales, new arrivals, welcome emails & more.
illustration of business owners analysing employee profile and data

Employee Management

Track work hours of employees with the clock-in/out feature. Set overtime rules for more accurate wage estimation and track performance with tips and sales per employee.
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icon representing time and attendance
Time & Attendance
Easily track staff hours. Employees can clock in/out from the POS with supervisor overrides.
icon representing permission and approvals
Permissions & Approvals
Manage register access for different functions such as discounts, cash drawer, reports with granular controls.
icon representing employee roles
Employee Roles
Get complete flexibility with managing your employees with permission overrides.
icon representing pin and password
PIN & Password
Secure access using employee specific PIN code, which tracks the register activity.

Hardware & Peripherals

icon representing Receipt Printer
Receipt Printer
Leave your mark with a selection of reliable receipt printers, label printers, kitchen printers, and more.
icon representing Label Printer
Label Printer
Easily create barcode labels for your products when they arrive in your store or on demand.
icon representing Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Add items to transactions faster with our versatile barcode scanners and charging docks.
icon representing Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer
Keep your bills and coins safe with our range of space-efficient drawers that ring with every sale.
icon representing Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Swipe each transaction securely with our selection of Ethernet, Bluetooth, connected readers.
icon representing Customer Display
Customer Display
Use a second monitor or tablet to have a customer see the sale as it happens.

Pricing Plans

A920 & E600
$ 299
per Year per POS
TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 99
per Month per POS
WinsPOS, TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 149
per Month per POS

Available on Google Play, Paxstore, Eloview

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logo of elo view
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Recommended Hardwares

windows os pos system with pos software installed Windows POS
The Touch Dynamic Pulse Ultra All-In-One system is designed to offer speed and reliability at an affordable price. It boasts a quick detachable base and easy overall service features.
android pax e800 pos with pos software installed E800
PAX’s E800 is a visually striking game-changer. Sporting a gorgeous 15-inch HD display with capacitive touchscreen, the E-800 delivers lightning fast performance.
android elo15 pos system with pos software installed Elo 15
Elo’s PayPoint Plus for Android is an all-in-one POS solution that brings unmatched style to the point of sale with a distinctive modern aesthetic.