Produce Market POS

retailcloud Produce Market POS is ready-to-use software for the fruit and vegetable market, grocery and seafood stores that manage all kinds of transactions,stock details and inventory.

Solution Highlights

Quick Highlight on the key features of Produce Market POS
icon representing Easy Touchless Checkout
Easy Touchless Checkout
Intuitive checkout supports the latest technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay and EMV.
icon representing Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking
Monitor your sales, stock levels and track unit costs, inventory level and SKUs across multiple locations.
icon representing Scale Integration
Scale Integration
Automate & simplify your checkout process with seamless customer experience.
icon representing Force Quantity
Force Quantity
Prompt for quantity while ringing up products with force quantity SKU type.
icon representing Cash Discounts
Cash Discounts
Offer cash discount programs and control cost and operating expenses.
icon representing Vendor Catalog
Vendor Catalog
Support catalog files from vendors for price update and new products load.
icon representing Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing
Dynamically customize your product pricing to accommodate coupons, sales, and other discounts.
icon representing EDI Integrations
EDI Integrations
Seamlessly process EBT food stamps, cash benefits and track ebt balances.
icon representing Dual Cash and Noncash Pricing
Dual Cash & Noncash Pricing
Offer customers the option of cash or credit pricing, to control cost and operating expenses.

Transaction Management

Enhance the overall transaction management process and ensure that the transaction-related operations of your business are functioning in the way they intend it to, and in a way that will facilitate sales.
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illustration of transaction using pos system
icon representing multiple tenders
Multiple Tenders
Accept credit, debit, and gift
cards as well as NFC and mobile payments.
icon representing mix match pricing
Mix Match Pricing
Easily manage different
types of pricing with mix
match pricing.
icon representing cash discounts
Cash Discounts
Treat VIPs and frequent buyers
by providing discounts and
promo codes in your POS.
icon representing bottle deposit
Bottle Deposit
Set up a flat fee or percentage based fee for different fee types with custom descriptions.
illustration of employee performing inventory management activities inside a ware house

Inventory Management

A full suite of Inventory management tools for any size of business. Get insights into inventory anytime anywhere.
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icon representing track inventory
Track Inventory
Track unit costs, inventory
level and SKUs across multiple locations.
icon representing embedded barcode
Embedded Barcodes
Price & Weight Embedded Barcode for products scannable directly on your point of sale.
icon representing cost management
Cost Management
Accurately track the cost
of your products with a
weighted cost of goods sold.
icon representing replenishment reporting
Replenishment Reporting
Manage your stock replenishment with ease. Keep an eye on your stock levels and avoid shortages.

Customer Management

Customer Management allows you to not only tell you who your best customers are but also provides you with tools like built-in loyalty and gift card programs designed to keep them coming back and provide great customer service.
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illustration of business owners analysing customer profiles and customer data
icon representing loyalty program
Loyalty Program
Reward your loyal customers
with purchase based points with
loyalty programs.
icon representing club pricing
Club Pricing
Offer special pricing, coupons,
and discounts to specific
customer groups.
icon representing feedback
Get instant feedback from your customer and improve the sales efficiency and growth.
icon representing customer segments
Customer Segments
Simply create a VIP customer group and apply special pricing, regular discounts or targeted promotions.

Hardware & Peripherals

icon representing Receipt Printer
Receipt Printer
Leave your mark with a selection of reliable receipt printers, label printers, kitchen printers, and more.
icon representing Label Printer
Label Printer
Easily create barcode labels for
your products when they arrive in your store or on demand.
icon representing Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Add items to transactions
faster with our versatile barcode scanners and charging docks.
icon representing Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer
Keep your bills and coins safe with our range of space-efficient drawers that ring with every sale.
icon representing Weigh Scale
Weigh Scale
Make fast and accurate sales on weighed items. Calculate product weight during checkout with the electronic scale integration.
icon representing ID Scanner
ID Scanner
Quickly and reliably determine a customer eligibility by scanning AAMVA-compliant driver licenses.
icon representing Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Swipe each transaction securely with our selection of Ethernet, Bluetooth, connected readers.
icon representing Customer Display
Customer Display
Use a second monitor or tablet
to have a customer see the sale
as it happens.

Pricing Plans

A920 & E600
$ 299
per Year per POS
TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 99
per Month per POS
WinsPOS, TabPOS, A920, E600
$ 149
per Month per POS

Available on Google Play, Paxstore, Eloview

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