eCommerce Solution for Retailers

Powerful, cost effective, easy to use eCommerce solution for retailers

Key Features

Get notified of incoming orders on POS or app
Sell to customers on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger
Pick up, delivery or ship to options
Easily customized to reflect the personality of your business
Promote sales by creating coupon codes for your customers to use
Easily add modifiers to customize sale items
Setup delivery zones to manage delivery areas and fees
Go ultimate and get your own iOS and Android shopping application

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Awesome Features

icon representing own website
Make your site your own
Customizable web tools allow you to personalize your site that gives you the ability to change the look and feel of the site.
icon representing selling on social media plaform
Sell on social media platforms
Connect with Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Google Shopping, Amazon and more to expand your customer base.
icon representing reviewing abandoned cart
Abandoned Cart Review
See and act on abandoned carts to reach out and stimulate the completion of the sale.
icon representing products with modifiers
Products with Modifiers
Use modifiers to customize items including price differentials. Great for food orders or made to order items.
icon representing products with variants
Products with Variants
Easily add sizes, colors or designs to quickly add related items, such as clothing and shoes.
icon representing shipping and pickup process
Shipping & Pickup
Decide what services you would like to use to ship or choose to mail your item yourself. There are also options for curbside pick up, in-store and delivery.
icon representing inventory and availability management
Inventory & Availability Management
Display how many items are in stock or set up unlimited quantities for any item, allowing them to see at a glance what is available.
icon representing coupons and discounts
Coupons & Discounts
Create coupon codes or discounts to pull in new customers or stimulate your current customers to return for more.
icon representing customized email notifications
Customize your email notifications
Decide how much you want to keep informed on your orders. Turn on all notifications to see an order from start to finish, or choose what is important to you.
icon representing eshop app
My e-Shop App
Download this free mobile app to access orders or get notifications on the go.
icon representing fees and taxes
Fees & Taxes
Have the option to automatically apply taxes to easily get started or add taxes manually if you have need for additional taxes or charges.
icon representing customized invoices
Customize Invoices
Add your store logo to the current template or customize it to fit your businesses needs.
icon representing different payment options
Get Paid How You Want
Select from the variety of options to be paid. Connect with a processor to take credit cards directly from your site, use PayPal or have the customer call in to pay in store.
icon representing different plans
Choose What You Need
Select a plan that will get you going with a simple, easy to set up site to sell your items or take control with the ability to customize not only the site but editing orders after sales, gift cards and much more.
icon representing newly customized website
New & Existing Sites
You have the ability to create a new stand alone site or if your business has an established site, create a site to integrate into the existing webpage.
vector illustration of customers browsing ecommerce website

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