Curbside or In Store Pickup Solution for Retailers

OrderUp is an easy to implement Fulfillment Solution app plugged into
retailcloud’s commerce ecosystem. With OrderUp you can fulfill orders for in person pick ( Curbside, Instore etc ) very easily

Key Features

Display the Online Orders in realtime from your retailcloud Online, Ecwid or Shopify Stores
Accept and Print Customized Label for Delivery and Fulfillment
Customize your Fulfillment process with various Statuses & Colored Tags
Fulfill Paid Online Orders in 3 clicks
Accept Payments for Unpaid orders
100 % Touchless Delivery and Payment Acceptance
Communicate with customers through Chat or Call
Synchronize multiple Sales Channels for order management

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Awesome Features

icon representing online orders
Accept & Review Online Orders
Right from your main screen see the orders and review details with a single click.
icon representing workflow
Fulfillment Workflow Status
Use the inbuilt up to 6 steps workflow and streamline your order fulfillment operations.
icon representing fulfillment and delivery labels
Fulfillment & Delivery Labels
Use fulfillment labels for delivery workflow, thank you notes or even promotions.
icon representing mobile phone with customer contact feature
Customer Contact via Text , Call
Reach your customers directly from your app using text or call using the number entered during checkout.
vector illustration touchless payment
Touchless Payment Acceptance for BOPIS
Buy Online and pay when you pickup option and accept secure payments by curbside or instore.
vector illustration cash, credit, debit tenders
Cash, Credit , Debit Tenders
Accept all the payment types as you do it on your Point of sale as a mobile & touchless transaction and receipts.
vector illustration gift payments
Gift Card Payments
Accept Gift Cards as payments and even split it with different types of tenders.
icon representing digital receipts
Digital Receipts
Use digital Receipts for a 100% touchless transaction for payments.
icon representing printed receipts
Printed Receipts
Ability to print detailed receipts for payments and checkout.
icon representing syncing with ecwid orders
Real time Sync with Ecwid orders
Instantly receive orders from ecwid for fulfillment. No more delays with syncs and dealing with 2 systems.
icon representing syncing with shopify orders
Real Time Sync with Shopify Orders
Instantly receive orders from Shopify for fulfillment. No more delays with syncs and dealing with 2 systems.
icon representing custom label
Custom Label Sizes and Templates
Use the predefined large and small format labels to print labels. Customizable templates coming soon.
icon representing syncing with multi channels orders
Real Time Sync with Multi Channels orders ( Facebook, Instagram )
Use OrderUp for channeling orders from multiple sales channels like facebook, instagram.
icon representing realtime notifications for workflow updates
Realtime Notification for workflow updates
Update the order status back to the online store and keep the systems synchronized or notifications.
vector illustration of retail staff completing order

Use OrderUp Demo

Click below to use demo, to get a sense of what OrderUp can do for you.

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