Seamless Casual Dining & QSR
Point of Sale

Speed Up Service without compromising functionality with the help of Servio

Key Features

Unlimited Menu Items & Modifiers
Cloud based Point of Sale
Kitchen Printing
KDS Routing
Online Ordering
Contactless Checkout and Payments
Table Management
Customer Management

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Awesome Features

Easy Menu & Product Setup
Easy setup for product , modifiers and menu which can be synchronized to multiple locations
Simple to Use Modifiers
Simple and easy to use modifiers with price differentials, Force modifiers.
Kitchen Area Routing
Have multiple Printers setup with Kitchen areas based on your categories and routing rules.
Easy Workflows
Use QSR and Fine dinings workflows to fine tune your operations and faster checkout.
Online Ordering
Direct Integration with Online Ordering site with real time orders and routing to Kitchen.
Curbside Pickup & Delivery
Use Order Up for Fulfillment of orders whether its instore pickup or delivery orders.
Employee Management
Have Unlimited employees by roles and separate logins with Attendance clock in features.
Discounts and Coupons
Provide automatic discounts and coupons to take the guesswork out of the hands of the cashier.
Pay at the table
Take Order, Send to Kitchen or Pay at the table with contactless checkout using PAX a920.
Integrated Loyalty and Gift Cards
Encourage repeat visits and loyalty through offering integrated custom programs.
Table Management
Define Layout with Tables and seats with Ability to merge, Split Tables or Checks.
Loyalty & Marketing
Setup loyalty based on programs available and rewards customers for repeat purchases . Enhance it with Text marketing.
Tip Management
Access Tips on glass or paper and have tip reports daily or on cloud.
Kitchen Display
Connect to your Kitchen Display with Bump and print features on a 10 - 20 inch screen.
Hardware options from compact to Full POS
Android based application available on a wide range of hardware options from the compact PaxE500 to the full 15” with CDS Pax E800 and pair i with A920.

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