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  • a920 with 6ix screen
  • Point of Sale made much simpler

    Powerful, Cost Effective, Easy to use Retail POS for Retail businesses

    Key Features

    • Inventory and Cost Management

    • Customer Sentiment and Feedback

    • Catalog and Price Management

    • Mobile App for Retail KPI Monitoring

    • Discounts & Promos

    • Sales Tax Calculation

Take Advantage of the retailcloud Platform

With 6IX you get more than just a POS. You are connected into the retailcloud platform so you can take advantage of a wide variety of tools. Start with what you need and add features as you grow.

  • mInventory

    Android and iOS app to create and manage your items as well as receivive inventory from your suppliers.

  • nGauge

    Phone app to easily check your sales and margins, review your top selling product and your best customers.

  • retailcloud online

    Keep your store open 24/7 with an online store that is connected to your inventory. Sell when your customers want to buy.

  • iPhone Thumbnail
  • Everything you need

    An all in one device, for ringing up sales, tracking inventory, getting customer feedback and seeing their preferences. 6IX POS is a retail application made for retailers to help you grow your business. Its retail made simple.

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