Quick Service POS

Modifiers, Ingredient Tracking and much more

A Simple to use application for your casual dining or QSR restaurant that manages your sales, inventory, menu and orders

Android Point of Sale with Elo iSeries
  • Fast, Intuitive and Familiar

    Easy to use layout allows for a quick completion of the order to keep your line moving and customers happy.

    • Adding Items to the Cart

      Create Quick Pick Menu Pages to easily click on items, modify the order and complete the sale.

    • Modifiers

      Create modifiers allowing for special pricing and upcharging on modifiers as well.

    • Kitchen Printers

      Orders can be routed to multiple kitchen prep areas for easily handling of order preparation.

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  • Sales Transactions

    Make sure that your customers have a great dining experience with care taken to simplify the transacton flow from order through paying the bill.

    • Tables and Seats

      Specify seat and table for each order to ensure that your customers receive what they ordered without problem.

    • Custom Receipts

      Customize all aspects of the receipt including headers, footers and promotional messages. Loyalty points are displayed on the receipt as well.

    • Split Bills

      No need to have your cashiers figure out the splitting of the bill, the POS will do the math for you.

    • Reports

      Sales, Ingredient, and customer reports allow you to understand where your most profitable items are and who's purchasing them.

  • Customer Experience

    We provide the tools so that your customer will enjoy the experience and look forward to return visits

    • Customer Displays

      Engage the customer with the interactive display including add on sale items, to increase items per transaction.

    • Loyalty & Gift Cards

      Customize the integrated Loyalty Program to encourage customer visits and offer custom gift cards.

    • Discounts and Promotions

      Offer both item level as well as transaction level discounts and coupons, with reports to gauge success of the promotional campaign.

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Extend your Point of Sale

Your management portal provides real time visibility to all your POS and ecommerce activity.
See your sales and inventory status at any time.
Changes made at the portal are updated to all your devices.

  • Connect

    Using your secure cloud account, all your POS devices connect with each other. Anything you do on one is available on all your devices.

  • Dynamic

    Get automatic updates and upgrades, as features get added to keep you responsive to industry trends and customer requirements.

  • Support

    Best in Class support available from our San Francisco based support team, who are knowledgeable on our software and retail operations.

Popular Modules

QSR on the TabPOS can support several different plugins and modules, here are 3 of the most popular ones.

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    Gain valuable information on your customer's preferences to better provide menu items that will entice return visits from your customers.

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    Online Ordering

    By offering On Line Ordering you have gained another way for your customers to reach you and place their orders.

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    Time & Attendance

    Have employees clock in and out on the POS, and see all activity on the portal. Create files to export into your payroll service.


  • Printer

  • Cash Drawer

  • In seat

  • EMV

  • Cust Display

  • KDS