CAS Management Portal

Your source for updating products, receiving new merchandise, creating discounts, and accessing any of 50 different management, sales, and inventory reports.
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Your Real-time Management Portal

Real-time visibility to all your POS and eCommerce activity.
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Catalog Management
Organize items using labels to easily manage your product. Use as few as you like and add them as your business grows.
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Customer Management
The tools are provided to better understand your customer’s preferences. With this information, you can generate marketing promotions, cater to your VIP's or Club, and better stock your shelves with the products that they are looking for.
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Insightful Reporting
At a glance get an overview of how your business is doing with clear-cut graphs and reports.

Awesome Features

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The product can be classified by Departments, Category, and Sub Category allowing you to organize items in multiple buckets for comparison reporting or identifying complementary or replacement products.
icon representing attribute management
Items can be classified into up to 5 attributes to identify styles and variants, such as style, color, size, brand, and season. These labels can be modified to meet the nuances of your industry.
icon representing taxes
Multiple tax rates can be supported at an item level, allowing you to meet various local agency reporting requirements. Items can be set as tax inclusive or plus tax and the system will take care of the reporting.
icon representing discounts and coupons
Apply discounts and coupons to items so that they automatically ring up at the discounted price, allowing you to accurately measure promotions and reduce cashier time applying discounts.
icon representing club pricing
Create a club and add specific customers to this group so that they can enjoy the benefits of belonging, such as additional discounts or free merchandise.
icon representing customer history
Lookup a customer and get access to all their preferences and history, including sales receipts which help with customer inquiries.
icon representing customer reports
Use the report filters to hone in on customers that you want to market to, from those who haven’t been in the store for the past 3 months or those who recently purchased from a line that you just started carrying.
icon representing cas dashboard
Your dashboard will show your sales inventory and customer metrics. At a glance know how many units you are selling, your top-selling items, and your top employees.
icon representing predefined reports
There are over 50 predefined reports each with multiple filters so that you can easily generate your own reports. Keep track of costs and profitability as well as any potential issues that are looming.

Watch Demo

Click below to view the demo, to get a sense of what CAS Portal can do for you.
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