• Customer Display Screen

    Use the Interactive Customer Display application to display items rung up, as well as to recommend additional items and advertise specials.

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Engage and empower your customers during the checkout process.

Use customizable screens to show product information or to recommend items that are ideal for upsell, as well as loyalty and transaction information to better inform your customers.
Transaction visibility also improves checkout times and customer satisfaction.

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Interactive customer displays are a great way to grab your customer's attention during the transaction with relevant and targeted information increasing engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Checkout Experience

    Display transactions and images as they are rung up, and allow your customers to select their receipt option on the interactive second screen.

  • Promotions

    Display product information as well as product recommendations or specials directly on the screen. Great for upselling or providing infotainment.

  • Engagement

    Allow customers to add additional items directly to the transaction, or to sign up for loyalty or your mailing lists. You can even activate one click service and product ratings.