retailcloud platform

Powerful & Simple to use API's

Easy to use webservices for approved partners to automate, integrate business uses cases & workflows directly into your applications or platforms.

Android Point of Sale with Elo iSeries
  • Cart API's

    Build your own POS UI or Integrate into your business application without worrying about storing the data.

    • Products & Prices

      Simply pass the UPC of your product where services will return a complete itemized cart.

    • Taxes

      Auto calculation of taxes and overrides for multiple locations and items through simple webservices

    • Promotions

      Easily handle Transaction and Customer & Item Level Promotion, Discounts and Coupons precalculated in the same API calls.

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  • Inventory & Stock API's

    Build your own Inventory Interface or Integrate into your in house supply chain products

    • Stock API

      Retrieve Quantities and Inventory Levels across locations with single webservice call.

    • Inventory Transactions

      Integrate your inventory transaction process with or without approval workflow using webservices.

    • Batch Transactions

      Invoke multiple sku's or entries in a single call using the Bulk API's with detailed response and statistics.

    • Reporting API's

      Realtime reporting using management portal for all the inventory transactions through webservices or one of the touch point applications from retailcloud's platform.

  • Reporting API's

    At a glance get an overview of how your business is doing with clear-cut graphs and reports

    • Adding Items to the Cart

      Create Quick Pick pages to click on items or attach scan barcodes to ring up items.

    • Refunds, Sales & Exchanges

      Process Sales, Refundsand Exchanges from the same screen. No need to do Exchanges in two transactions.

    • Discounts & Coupons

      Easily handle Transactiona nd Item Levl discounts and Coupons with detailed backoffice reporting.

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Extend your Applications

API Integrations provide wide range of options to extend your business applications without worrying about infrastructure.

  • Json

    Simple & Intutive request and response in JSON format

  • Tiered plans

    Pricing Plans based on the usage and consumption so that you dont pay for calls you do not need

  • Support

    Developer Support with best practices, Integration tests and pre launch tests

Popular Use Cases

Some of the popular integration use cases for your retailcloud platform API's

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    Integration to ERP

    Discard your spreadsheet upload and directly call API's to exchange information between systems in realtime

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    Automate Workflows

    Automate your spreadsheets or manual process into scheduled utility programs which can be triggered based on schedule or actions

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    eCommerce Plugins

    Integrate to your favorite eCommerce provider or build a plugin for popular platforms