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Customer Feedback and Ratings

Get real time Customer feedback at the Point of Sale.

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  • A Rating Application that provides insight into your customer's instore or online experiences.

    Get real time feedback from your customers at the Point of Sale on their experience. These powerful insights help you tailor a customer experience strategy based on your customer with analytics to identify ideal product mixes and ultimately, increase units per transaction.

  • feedbk in pos


Feedbk allows business owners to connect with customers, enabling them to provide feedback and information to improve their experience

  • multiple feedback

    Multiple feedback templates

    Choose your favorite feedback template from the list and get started with just a click.

  • customizable questions

    Customizable Questions

    Come up with fun and insightful questions to really gain an understanding of your customers.

  • insight

    Better Insight

    Get the analytic tools and reports to immediately identify issues as well as ideal product mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have gchose from multiple feedback templates for displaying questions?

Yes, you can choose from our list, the template that will work best for your business needs.

Can I customize the questions, or add some of my own questions?

Yes, you can prepare your own question and add to the list or launch a complete new set of questions.

How do my customers have access to the Feedbk portal?

We interact using CDN (Customer Display Screen) at the POS, sending emails with a set of filtered (best matches for the targeted customer) feedback questions.

How will you use the data collected? And what are the reports generated?

The data will be collected and filtered to categories as per the feedbacks received. Later these can be used to plan customized marketting strategies.

Is it possible for the customer to change the submitted answers?

No, Once the answers are submitted, it will sent and stored on the server and cannot be altered once submitted.

Do I need to generate and send questions manually or will Feedbk do it all?

You don't have to worry about sending questions, Feedbk will take care all of it. We send questions, receive feedback, generate the report and give you scheduled alerts.