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  • Easily manage your product
    catalog and inventory from
    anywhere you are.

    Use any Android phone or your smart POS terminal to update items, add product or print barcodes

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Mobility and power, in the palm of your hand

Download the application and pair it with your retailcloud account and you are connected to your POS and stores. Doesn’t matter if you have one or many!

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    Catalog Management

    Change prices, add products or pull out your phone and use the AI to help you classify your inventory into departments and categories that work for your business.

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    Shipments to your inventory

    Simply scan shipments as they come in and create receiving journals and add them to your stock using the camera on your device or most bluetooth scanners

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    Print barcode labels on the go

    Pair with your bluetooth label printer for easy print and shelf speed to get products in your customer’s hands quickly.

Awesome Features

Arm your store with i360 to easiliy modify products or prices and receive in new product. A must have phone app for your business

  • Instant Price Changes

    Scan an item on your shelves and display current selling price, cost and other key information. Modify and save for instant price changes reflected at the POS.

    Inventory Cost Management

    Accurately track cost of your products with weighted cost of good sold. Dependable cost analytics so you can make educated buying decisions.

    Barcode Printing

    Receiving your shipment, scanning in the products, and print barcodes all from your Android phone paired with a bluetooth label printer. Nothing could be easier.

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  • Powerful Scanner

    Using your Pax A920, you have exceptional technology such as the powerful built in scanner to easily read barcodes and simplify the task.

    Add new Products

    The mobility allows for you to receive shipments from the dock, warehouse, in store, or where ever you need to be, as well as add new products

    On Floor Management

    Easily manage your categories and product mix. The mobility allows you to be in with your merchandise and make your changes as you see the need.

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    A920 & ANDROID

    1 Register
    Multiple Payment Types
    Unlimited Discounts
    Digital Receipts
    Inventory Management
    Price & Cost Management
    Sales, Margin and Financial Reporting
    Email Marketing
    Barcode Printing
    Import and Export Data
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  • grow



    Everyday Features +
    Unlimited Registers
    Unlimited Stores
    Unlimited Coupons
    Chat Support/h6>
    Loyalty and Club Pricing
    Marketing Plans by Store
    Advanced CRM
    Attribute Analysis
    Time & Attendance
    Local Time Zone
    Local Currency
    QSR Modifiers & Recipes
    Multi Prep Station Support
    Table & Seat Ordering
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  • Premium



    Grow Features +
    Unlimited Regions
    Unlimited Warehouses
    Purchase Order Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Email Alert Management
    Serial Number Tracking & Reporting
    RFID Tags & Monitoring
    Enhanced Promo Programs
    Reorder Level Reporting
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    Pro +
    Exclusive Apps
    POS Customization
    Custom Integrations
    Custom Reports
    API Access*
    Level 3 Developer Support
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