• Kiosk Ordering

    Use Kiosk Ordering to allow customers to order using in store kiosks or tablet stations. Place orders and pay at the kiosk or at the counter.

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Convenient ordering, payment and pickup

Customers order via a digital menu available in the shopper app, on the web, or in person using tablets mounted in the store.

iPhone App


Provides an easy-to-use counter service solution that streamlines any deli, coffee or food service process. Now shoppers can build orders through their mobile app, customize options, pay and pickup and get alerts once the order is ready.

  • Streamlined Ordering

    Users can order through a simple and intuitive digital menu. The menu selections include product images and descriptions with fields for special instructions.

  • Streamlined Prep

    Increase the speed in which orders are processed and reduce wasted time by allowing staff to focus solely on order prep. All sales activity is displayed in your end of day reports.

  • Increased Sales

    Digitizing the order process allows you to tailor the experience for your customer, reducing their effort; translating into better experiences and improved brand loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple menus based on location?

Yes, you can have different menus for each location as well as for various sections in the same location. allowing you to create better experiences.

Can I limit the modifiers?

While the kiosk and app is integrated into your retailcloud system, you can limit the modifier and menu options that appear on the advance ordering apps. .