• Layaway

    Use Layaway to allow your customers to purchase items using installment payments (prepaid or layaway). The feature is ideal for merchants wanting to provide additional payment flexibility.

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Customizable, Flexible and Increase Sales

Creating a Layaway program gives your customers an additional payment option where they can purchase on a payment plan that meets their budget.

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Create minimum deposits, payment amounts, and cancellation fees. Set your terms and conditions and print disclosures on receipts. Making compliance easy to manage.

  • Increase Traffic

    Payments can be made on any register in store, giving you and your team opportunities to engage with customers more often and build brand loyalty.

  • Flexible Payments

    Offer your customers a way to make interest free flexible payments. They prepay on items and pick up only when paid in full, allowing you to manage your inventory.

  • Easy Accounting

    Use our Smart Transaction System to track payments and generate customer balance reports, and see customer payment history to make accounting simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge Cancellation or Restocking Fees?

Yes, you set the terms including an initial setup fee and cancellation fee. You can also set rules on what your initial deposits must be; this can either be a dollar amount and/or percentage.

Are there any compliance laws I need to be aware of?

As of October 2017, there are no federal laws that specifically govern layaway transactions. Some best practices can be found on the FTC Business site at https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/offering-layaways .

What transaction history can I see on the POS?

When using our Smart Transaction System, you can see all customer history on the POS, you can also generate balance reports on STS to see what the prepaid deposits total for financial reporting purposes.

What layaway information should be on the initial transaction?

As of this writing, at a minimum you need to disclose any layaway, or cancellation fees, as well as any minimum payments on scheduled dates. Your cancellation and refund policy. Information on where the product is if in stock or when it will be ordered if not already in stock. Check state laws for any requirements.

When is the order reflected in the sales reports?

When payments are made they are considered deposits, the item will appear on inventory reports as sold only when the product is paid for in full.

On cancelled transactions can I put the amount back on a gift card?

Yes you can.