• mInventory

    Use mInventory to turn your Android or iOS phone into a time saving inventory scanner to automatically populate your product data and images to your POS or to count your inventory.

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Scan your Product, Add to Catalog, Start Selling

Scan a barcode and access information on that item that exists in our database, next you can modify the descriptions, images, categories and price as you see fit. Press save and its added to your POS!
It's retail made simple!

iPhone App


Save time and have multiple users scanning items from their own devices at the same time. If one scans an items and modifies the information, that will now be available for all users. Scanned data can be accessed on your device or on CAS (the management portal).

  • Mobile Scan

    Using the camera on your phone to scan products, makes adding merchandise into the system a breeze. No spreadsheets and manual entry to deal with.

  • Global Product Database

    Get access to an extensive product database to pre-populate your searched item with images and product detail. Its crowd sourced so items are added to the system daily.

  • Cycle Counts

    Perform cycle counts by simply scanning your items and exporting the data into the portal for reconciliation. For more advanced functions use Inventory Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have custom items, can I add my own image?

Yes, the application allows you to use your phone to snap a picture of the product or import from your database.

Can I modify the prepopulated product details?

Yes, you can modify all prepopulated data to match your specific needs. We support 3 classifications (department, category and suncategory) and up to 5 customizable attributes.

Can I add my Quantities on Hand for the product as I scan the new items?

You can include the quantities when creating each new item, or go back later and add the quantities.

Can I use mInventory on multiple mobile phones to complete my inventory quicker?

You can use the application on multiple devices to cycle through your store quickly.

If I have a digital file for some items, can I just import them

Yes you can import a digital file using our smart imports, use the POS to scan and add items (also accessing our global database) or use minventory to add items. Use any combination of methods to add items.

Do I need to do this all at once?

No start scanning and items are immediately added to your POS, you can come back and finish at any time. When you are done and want to upload your quantites, just create your file and export it to CAS.