• Poynt Smart Terminal

    Powerful simple to use Point of Sale on Poynt. Use it as a standalone or connect it to Windows, Android and web stores to provide a unified view into all of your merchant activities.

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retailcloud solutions make running your business easy, you ring the sales and we provide the analytics and reporting

  • Sales & Profitability Reporting

    Manage sales, margins, markdowns and return on inventory

  • Inventory Visibility

    See stock levels, sell through % and identify what you need to replenish

  • Omni Channel

    Easily connect multiple poynt terminals across various stores, ecommerce and mobile apps

  • CRM

    Build your marketing list as well as easily match stock with customer preferences

  • Promotions & Marketing

    Unlimited promotions to create campaigns based on standard discounts, BOGO and multi item discounts

  • Ease of Use

    Less than 2 click access to most items, making for a simple user friendly sales experience

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

  • Is there a limit to SKU's, transactions or cashiers?

    No you can have unlimited transactions, cashiers and SKU's. Your SKU management can be done directly on the Poynt Smart terminal, or on the retailcloud management portal, we even have phone apps for product management and KPI's.

  • Can I connect more than one Poynt terminal in my store?

    Yes you can connect as many as you need. Great right? You can also start transactions on any Poynt terminal and finish it on any other if needed. Your sales can be combined or reported by terminal in the retailcloud management portal.

  • Can I use a hotspot to connect the device?

    Poynt does not recommended this, as there will be latency issues. They strongly recommend that you connect to a strong, dedicated, password-protected network (WPA or WPA2) or via ethernet. If you need mobility beyond wifi router and ethernet, the Poynt 3G unit may be a better option.

  • What are the payment processing options on Poynt?

    retailcloud has a "Bring your own Processor" approach to POS solutions. The solution is a processor agnostic, NFC, EMV and NFC capable solution. Other tender types include gift cards, points redemption, coupons and instore credit. Some of our solutions also support layaway.

  • Can I connect my webstore to my Poynt terminal?

    Yes you can, after your product has been loaded into the system, sign into the retailcloud portal and deploy your web store in a few clicks.

  • Do you have a scheduling integration?

    Yes we do. Enter appointments from any web browser and track them by customer or stylist or technician.

  • Can I connect to Quickbooks?

    Yes, just enter your Quickbooks Online credentials and all your sales and cost of goods sold totals are sent to Quickbooks .

  • Can I connect my Poynt to other POS machines?

    Yes, connect your Poynt Smart terminal to other traditional Android and Windows POS devices, for a single unified view into all your sales and inventory data.

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