• Self Checkout

    Use Self Checkout and let your customers skip the line by allowing them to shop and pay from their Android or iOS device, vanquishing lines in one fell swoop.

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Scan, Pay, and Save Time

Customers scan product barcodes, adding goods to their carts, pay digitally in application, and skip the line.
Every moment a customer reclaims from lines is another that can be freed for browsing in store or engaging with associates.

iPhone App


The shopper app includes mobile scanning, food scales for weighted items, speedy checkout, loyalty rewards, receipt saving and more!

  • Improved Experience

    Using mobile checkout not only saves customers time, it also provides them with autonomy to tailor their shopping experience to their own personal tastes.

  • Increased Ticket Size

    Increase average purchase size with a host of intelligent features. Use Intelligent product recommendations and specials to increase units per transaction.

  • Improved Efficencies

    While customers are enjoying their new low friction shopping experience, checkout staff are free to find other ways to provide value and improve the customer experience.