Self Checkout

Use Self Checkout and let your customers skip the line by allowing them to shop and pay from their Android or iOS device, vanquishing lines in one fell swoop.
vector illustration of female customer paying and checkingout from store using selfcheckout app

Scan, Pay, and Save Time

Customers can scan barcodes, add goods to their carts, pay digitally in an application, and skip the line.
vector illustration of happy family leaving the store after shopping
Improved Experience
Using mobile checkout not only saves customer's time, it also provides them with the autonomy to tailor their shopping experience to their own personal tastes.
vector illustration of happy family with shopping cart and shopping bags
Increased Ticket Size
Increase average purchase size with a host of intelligent features. Use Intelligent product recommendations and specials to increase units per transaction.
vector illustration of satisfied customer and employee shaking hands happily
Improved Efficiencies
While customers are enjoying their new low friction shopping experience, checkout staff are free to find other ways to provide value and improve the customer's experience.

Awesome Features

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Eliminate wait times
Process the purchases in as little as under a minute.
icon representing space
Maximize space
Take less space than traditional counters, allowing you to repurpose parts of your checkout space for promotions and other products/services.
icon representing seamless omichannel experience
Seamless omnichannel experience
Allow customers to receive tailored services no matter where they’ve shopped before.
icon representing promotions and discounts
Offer promotions/discounts
Show current promotions and discounts customers can utilize at the point of purchase.
icon representing manpower
Reallocate manpower & resources
Refocus your efforts on sales, marketing and customer service to drive larger business goals.
icon representing retargeting and remarketing
Retargeting and Remarketing
Serve as an additional touchpoint to collect data on customer interests.