• Serialization

    Use Serialization on WinPOS to track product by serial number or RFID tag when acquired, sold or returned. Create custom prompts for regulatory or warranty purposes.

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Create Custom Workflows by Transaction Types

In addition to serial numbers, collect additional data for one of kind product, warranty or FFL information. Set different workflows for Manufacturing, Sales, Returns, Acquisition and Disposition

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When SKU and serial numbers matter, use serialization to automate your business processes and ensure accuracy. Flexible, so you can support alpha numeric numbers and set rules based on classifications. Intuitive and simple to use.

  • Tighter Inventory Control

    Serialize inventory for warranties, tracking repairs and reducing fraud in businesses that benefit from knowing the exact item sold or received.

  • Detailed Item History

    Customize mandatory and optional information to obtain at the point of sale or when acquiring the item, with full details available for future use or reporting.

  • Customized Prompts

    Always get the required information for regulatory or documentation purposes. Gather the exact information you need based on transaction type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure I get required information when the item is sold?

Using the custom prompts, you designate whether the information gathered is mandatory or optional

Do I get a report of the status of my items with serial numbers?

The serial number reports provide detail on all serial items in stock as well as details on all sold. .

Do I have the option of adding the serial # on the Sales Receipt?

Yes, you can opt to include the serial number on the sales receipt for all serialized item sales

Does the cashier know that an item requires a serial number to sell?

Yes, when specific merchandise is sold, the cashier is prompted to enter the serial number, as well as any mandatory (and optional) information before being able to complete the sale

Do I need to use prompts or can I just collect the serial number

Prompts are optional, you can set up items to only collect serial numbers. You can also set up the collection to be mandatory or optional.

Are there any audit reports on changes made to serial numbers?

Yes, audit reports are available on any changes made to additional data on transactions with serial number.