• Skedool

    Use Skedool for scheduling appointments on WinPOS, TabPOS or any browser. Easily review and update or create new appointments. Manage them by store, customer or employee.

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One place for creating and managing your appointments

Skedool is a web-based scheduling application that businesses can access anywhere. All you need is internet to login and create appointments for your customers.

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There is no longer a need for a third party calendar that does not sync with your POS. Skedool is integrated with your back-office, so employees and customers are already in the system.

  • Unlimited

    Create single or multi service appointments for unlimited stylists, customers and stores. Multiple stylists can access their schedule and make changes at the same time.

  • Scheduling

    Easily review daily appointments and see customer history for preferences and services. Your staff will be able to instantly know what your customer preferences are.

  • Integrated

    Integrated with your POS, CRM and Wait List. Easily convert walkins to appointments and update your CRM. Combine with activity reports and the email module to stay in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see my customer’s history and stylist preferences?

Yes, when you enter the customer name, their history is displayed, including stylist

Can I add notes when I schedule the appointment?

When you create an appointment, you can include notes for the stylist

Can I see the appointments for all stylists for the day (or week)?

Skedool had filters to display appointments as you need to see, including single stylists or all, for the date range you need

Can I modify and update the appointments from anywhere?

Skedool is portable - you can access it anywhere that you have a phone or browser connection