• Surcharges

    Automatic credit card surcharge is available on TabPOS, where merchants can easily set up a fee program to recover the cost of their credit card acceptance.

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Automatically adds a surcharge % fee to all credit card transactions

The surcharge fee feature allows merchants to include the percent or dollar amount fee automatically to all credit card transactions, taking the guesswork and human error away from your cashier.

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Customize your program based on your state regulations using the easy to set up screen.
We support Surcharges and Cash Rebates!

  • Transaction Receipts

    Disclose the fee to your customers, on all credit card sales receipts as a separate line item. If using Cash Rebates instead, those are listed as Rebates.

  • Fee Report

    Filterable detailed fee report for analysis of your fee program to compare the fees collected to your processing costs. The report is exportable.

  • Customizable

    The surcharge percentage can be easily modified on the web portal, with the new fee being applied immediately. Even switch from surcharge to rebate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to charge a surcharge in my state?

Not all states allow surcharging, please check the legality of imposing surcharges in your state, and make sure your program complies with the card association rules. They have restrictions regarding surcharging amount, signage and registration.

Can I charge a fixed dollar amount instead of a percent of the sale?

The system allows for setting either a percent or dollar amount for the surcharge fee.

I have locations in different states, can the surcharge apply only to the states allowed to surcharge?

Currently the system allows for one surcharge fee across all venues.

Is there a report showing how much I have collected in surcharge fees?

The web portal has a Fee Report that shows all fees charged, including the Surcharge Fee. The report is filterable by store and date ranges.

Can I waive the surcharge fee at the point of sale?

Currently, the fee is assessed on all credit card transaction and cannot be waived.