• Waitlist

    Use Waitlist to allow walk-in customers to check in or to let you know that they have arrived for their reservation or appointment.

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Eliminate the check in clipboard with Waitlist!

Improve your walk in customer experience as they add themselves to the list, select a treatment and even their favorite stylist.
They can also see how long the wait times are and get notified when it is time for their appointment.

iPhone App


Simple to use list management application, that can integrate with your Skedool, appointment scheduler application as well as your CRM; creating better experiences for your customers.

  • Customer View

    Customers can enter their names on the waitlist, select a treatment and even a technican/stylist, see how long their wait time is and even schedule future appointments.

  • Staff View

    Your staff can manage the list, bump VIP customers up, see appointments and send notifications to customers. They can also see the history on repeat customers.

  • Management

    Multi location support, with customer notification. Easily view customer activity reports to spot trends, identify returning or even potentially lost customers.