Windows POS

Full of powerful features from CRM and loyalty, to age verification and layaway.

And thanks to the intuitive design, it takes an average of 15 minutes to get trained on retailcloud Windows POS.

Android Point of Sale with Elo iSeries
  • Fast, Intuitive and Familiar

    Easy to use layout allows most transactions to be completed in two or three clicks.

    • Adding Items to the Cart

      Create Quick Pick Pages to easily click on items or scan barcodes to ring up items. An Open Ring button is always available.

    • Refunds, Sales & Exchanges

      Process Sales, Refunds and Exchanges from the same screen. No need to do Exchanges in two transactions.

    • Discounts & Coupons

      Easily handle Transaction and Item Level Promotion, Discounts and Coupons with detailed backoffice reporting.

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  • Customer Management (CRM)

    Enterprise level functionality for the small and mid sized business to manage and segment your customers by product preferences and habits.

    • Club Pricing

      Have club member pricing automatically rung up at the Point of Sale, creating a valued relationship with your customers.

    • Product Recommendations

      Activate your product recommendations so that your cashiers and customers can see recommendations based on their buying history as well as other similar customers.

    • Customer Preferences

      Look up a customer and get access to all their preferences and history, so associates can better meet the customer needs.

    • Loyalty Programs

      Create your own loyalty reward program using visits, items or amount spent to earn points for rebates or merchandise.

  • Insightful Reporting

    At a glance get an overview of your totals with the Daily Sales Report.

    • Daily Sales Reports

      Get reports of Gross and Nets sales, totals by payment types as well as Returns, Exchanges and Discounts. The one must run report at the end of the day.

    • Hourly Sales Report

      Run this to see how your sales are trending on an hourly basis, ideal for staffing.

    • X, Z and ZZ Reports

      Run X reports as many times as you want and use Z reporting for Daily or Shift Reports and ZZ for longer periods. All these reports are also available on the management portal.

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Extend your Point of Sale

Your management portal provides real time visibility to all your POS and ecommerce activity.
See your sales and inventory status at any time.
Changes made at the portal are updated to all your devices.

  • Connect

    Using your secure cloud account, all your POS devices connect with each other. Anything you do on one is available on all your devices.

  • Dynamic

    Get automatic updates and upgrades, as features get added to keep you responsive to industry trends and customer requirements.

  • Support

    Best in Class support available from our San Francisco based support team, who are knowledgeable on our software and retail operations.

Popular Modules

WinPOS can support several different plugins and modules, here are 3 of the most popular ones.

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    Create layaway programs to give your custumer greater flexibility on payments.

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    Customize your transactions settings to create workflows that best work for you and your team.

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    Time & Attendance

    Have employees clock in and out on the POS, and see all activity on the portal. Create files to export into your payroll service.


  • Printer

  • Cash Drawer

  • Scanner

  • EMV

  • Cust Display

  • Scale