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winpos logo
WinPOS for desktop or tablet
is the workhorse of the industry.
zeropos logo
ZeroPOS for Android is simple to use yet powerful enough to manage your sales, inventory and CRM.
servio logo
Our cloud based Casual Dining & QSR POS software.
qsr pos logo
For your Quick Service or Casual Dining Restaurant.
CAS logo
CAS is the management portal and can be accessed anyplace.
API logo
retailcloud API access allows you to integrate other products like ERP or applications into the platform.
6ix for retail logo
6IX for Retail
With 6IX you get more than just a POS. Take advantage of a wide variety of POS tools.
6ix for restaurant logo
6IX for Restaurants
With 6IX you get more than just a POS. Take advantage of a wide variety of POS tools.
inserv logo
Speed up communication between servers and back of the house with inServ App.
ngauge logo
Use nGauge on your Android or Apple device to stay in touch with key indicators.
minventory logo
Use mInventory to turn your Android or iOS phone into a time saving inventory scanner.
i360 logo
Use inventory360 to turn your Android phone into a time saving inventory scanner.
feedbk logo
Feedbk collects, measures, and acts on real time customer experience.
customer display logo
Customer Display
Use Interactive Customer Display on customer facing screens.
waitlist logo
Use Waitlist on an Android tablet or kiosk to allow walk-in customers to waitlist.(not available in the US)
surcharges logo
Use Surcharge to automatically add service fees on credit card transactions on TabPOS.
layaway logo
Use Layaway on WinPOS to allow your customers to purchase items using payments.
loyalty logo
retailcloud’s Loyalty program is an all-in-one reward and loyalty solution.
serialization logo
Use Serialization on WinPOS to track certain products by serial numbers.
time and attendance logo
Time and Attendance
Manage your staff better with our integrated employee time and attendance recording system.
invoicing logo
Invoice your customers and accept payment online and offline with advanced features.
self checkout logo
Self Checkout
Use Self Checkout and your customers can download an app for Android or iOS and scan items in store and pay for them.
ecommerce logo
Use retailcloud online to deploy a Web or Facebook store in minutes from data in your POS.
kds logo
Kitchen Display System
Improve ticket times and accuracy with retailcloud’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) app.
orderup logo
Plugged into e-commerce checkout cart that plugs into any website including Shopify, Wordpress & much more.
online ordering logo
Online Ordering
start getting orders directly with your restaurant's own online ordering system.
labelit logo
Design and print, rich labels and barcodes in minutes.